about us

What We Value

Here are some things that we value at The Chapel.
C - Christ First

At The Chapel, we seek to serve the Lord with integrity and excellence, and worshiping Him with gratitude and joy.

H - Healthy Relationships

At The Chapel, we want to build relationships of love and acceptance so that people can meet, understand, and follow Jesus Christ.

A - Alignment with God’s Word

At The Chapel, we follow the teachings of the Bible as our authority, proclaiming it as our life-changing message.

P - Partnerships in Ministry

At The Chapel, we work to equip Christians for their personal ministries, working together to serve Jesus Christ as we show the Way.

E - Extending God’s Blessing

At The Chapel, we want to impact our communities with God’s love and grace by showing the Way as we witness to others.

L - Life Development

At The Chapel, our goal is to help people become Christ’s fully devoted followers by knowing and following God’s plan.

For the Glory of God, We Exist to Serve by Showing the Way.