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The People on Your Front Row

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The Oikos Principle

You will probably hear the word oikos a lot around The Chapel. What exactly does it mean?

What is an Oikos?

Oikos a Greek word that Jesus used to describe the 8 to 15 people whom we share life with most closely. We all have an oikos. In fact, you were probably introduced to Jesus by someone in your oikos, someone who cares about you and wants you to enjoy the full life that only Jesus can give us.

Picture your life as taking place in a theater, one that’s filled with a lot of people. Some are sitting in the balcony, others in the mezzanine. Still others are sitting down in the orchestra section. To some degree, they may all be able to see the way you behave or listen to what you say, but it’s those eight to fifteen people in the front row who have the best seats in the house to do both. The Greeks called that inner circle of “extended family” our oikos.

95% of all believers give credit to someone in their oikos for leading them to Jesus.

That’s why it’s a big deal around here.

The oikos principle is not a ministry program or a special event. Actually, oikos is like a worldview, set of lenses through which you can more simply and efficiently plan your day, organize your life, or even strategically build a local church. You’ll discover that oikos is embedded in the New Testament. Effectively leveraging the oikos principle can provide you with a heightened sense of purpose and fulfillment, and give you the confidence you lack to make an impact for God’s Kingdom in your world!

The Oikos Challenge

1. List your oikos, those 8-15 people with whom you have developed, are developing, or maybe should develop relational equity.

2. Pray daily for your oikos, that each person would sense God’s presence in their lives and be open to His love.

3. Invest in your oikos. Watch for appropriate ways to be God’s instrument, as He calls them to Himself and transforms their lives.

4. Invite your oikos into faith environments, regularly and thoughtfully, as God opens doors of opportunity.

5. Prepare to become a better example of faith in Christ, as well as a more effective witness of His grace.

If you would like to download a copy of the oikos card to print and fill out at home, just click the button below:

For more information, be sure to check out The Oikos Movement.