growth groups

Josh & Amy Stratton

Stratton Growth Group

Wednesday @ 7:00 p.m.


CAMPUS: Hanover

LOCATION: We will be meeting at the Stratton’s home in Hanover.

DETAILS: This group is open to all ages, including families with children. All are welcome! 

TOPIC: The book of Jonah is best known for Jonah’s run-in with a large fish. But there’s much more to the story than Jonah’s three-day stay in a fish’s belly. It’s about God’s grace, compassion, and love—even toward wayward people—and his commitment to spreading his message around the world.

In this series, pastor David Platt shows us that God is determined to spread his Word to all the nations of the earth and use his people to do it. The book of Jonah shows us that God desires to transform the hearts of his followers, making them more like him as they carry out his purposes in the world. Join us and get a renewed sense of what it means to orient your life around the mission of God.