growth groups

Chuck & Patty Hahn

Hahn Growth Group

Thursdays @ 7:00 pm


CAMPUS: Littlestown

LOCATION: We will be meeting at the Hahn’s home in Hanover.

DETAILS: This group is open to all ages. Childcare is not provided at this time.

In addition to our study and prayer time, the lovely and talented Patty Hahn has created a welcoming environment with tasty treats and lots of laughs as we share the joy of the Lord!

TOPIC: Some days it seems like bad news is all around us. And with the bad news comes questions: “Why is this happening?” “When will it stop?” “What can we do?” And then the most pressing question of all: “Is this the end of the world?”

Dr. David Jeremiah’s book, The World of the End, focuses on Jesus’ prophecy in Matthew 24, commonly known as the Olivet Discourse. In this hope-filled study, Dr. Jeremiah helps us focus on the hand of God at work instead of the problems at hand. We will seek to truly understand what Christ expects of us as we navigate the World of the End!

This Group is Full for This Session