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Chapel Events Policy

Please read all sections before submitting your request

Below you will find some important information that you will need to know before you submit a request to hold an event on behalf of The Chapel.

Chapel events are typically announced for at least three Sundays. Therefore, we ask that you please submit your request form as soon as you are able—at least 8 weeks in advance of your event—so that it will be able to be approved on time and properly promoted if need be. Thank you!

weeks in advance

General Provisions

  • All scheduled Chapel activities and events will take priority over new events.
  • Outside groups and ministries will always be scheduled around Chapel-related activities.
  • If you are requesting your event take place at the Hanover location, there are many moving parts to consider, as we are renting this location and set up or tear down may interfere with your event. It is highly recommended that you contact Kaycee Conover before submitting your request.

Exemptions from this policy are at the discretion of the The Chapel’s Board of Elders.

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