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Building Use Form

Chapel Facilities Use Policy

Please read all sections before submitting your request

Thank you for your interest in using The Chapel – Littlestown for your next event! Below you will find some important information that you will need to know before you sumbit a request to use the building.

Chapel events are typically announced for at least three Sundays. Therefore, we ask that you please submit your request form as soon as you are able—at least 8 weeks in advance of your event—so that it will be able to be approved on time and properly promoted if need be. Thank you!

weeks in advance

Requestors Responsibilities:

  • All groups are responsible for the basic upkeep and preparation of the facility.
  • The Sanctuary, Classrooms, Kitchen and other spaces must be cleaned and returned to their original setup within 24 hours and no later than 12:00 a.m. on any Sunday.
  • A cleaning crew may be available for a fee. Please check with the Stewards for arrangements.
  • If the Sanctuary seating is to be removed and restored, a Steward must coordinate the set up. A 45 day notice is requested.
  • A usage fee is required prior to confirmed date (see below). Make your check payable to: The Chapel – Littlestown.
  • For honorariums, please make your check payable to the individual.

Usage Fees:

Charges for the use of facilities shall be based on three categories of use:

Category I – Individuals and groups that are directly related to The Chapel ministries and events are exempt from any fees charged for the use of the facility. Use of the The Chapel facilities for Category I shall require prior approval from the Staff and Stewards Team.

Category II – Individuals, organization or groups that are not directly related to The Chapel ministries or events, but their make-up includes Chapel members, will be exempt from the facility usage fee. However, a goodwill offering is suggested to help defray the costs incurred for utilities and services. Use of the The Chapel facilities for Category II shall require approval by the Board of Elders.

Category III – Individuals, organizations, or groups that do not qualify for Category I or II will be assessed a $250.00 use fee. The use of facilities for weddings will be limited to the service only. Use of the The Chapel facilities for Category III shall require approval by the Board of Elders.

General Provisions for Use

The following conditions shall be met by groups of any category, if applicable, using The Chapel facilities:

  • All groups are responsible for basic upkeep, preparation, and cleanup of the facility.
  • All scheduled Chapel activities and events will take priority.
  • Outside groups will always be scheduled around Chapel-related activities.
  • Outside groups will be responsible for providing proof of insurance costs for personnel, materials, etc. The Chapel’s insurance company requires us to have on file a Certificate of Insurance from outside organizations using our building. This Certificate of Insurance needs to name The Chapel – Littlestown as additional insured. These certificates of liability insurance should have limits of $1,000,000 CSL. Arrange
    for your insurance carrier to provide this Certificate of Insurance prior to the use of the facility.
  • All groups are responsible for damages to the facility.
  • A minimum of 45 days is required for approval to be granted by the Board of Elders for all outside groups.
  • Chapel facilities are only available for weddings by current members and those already regularly attending The Chapel.

Exemptions from this policy are at the discretion of the The Chapel’s Board of Elders.

Event Policy

Sanctuary: The sanctuary must be returned to original set-up after the Wedding/Event within 24 hours of the event. If the Wedding/Event is on a Saturday, the sanctuary must be returned to original set-up no later than midnight Saturday. A good will offering is suggested to offset the costs for utilities.

Cleaning Services: Cleaning services are available and must be requested in advance. There will be a minimum $150.00 Janitorial fee for the Sanctuary and $50.00 for each additional room requiring cleaning.

Pianist: You must schedule directly with Pianist for any event. Their availability is limited. An honorarium is recommended for this service.

Bulletins: Bulletins are available through The Chapel. The fee varies and can be arranged with The Chapel’s Communication Director. An honorarium is recommended for their services to design and print the bulletins.

Decorations: The wedding/event party is responsible for all decorations. All decorations must be removed within 24 hours, or midnight for any Saturday. We request no throwing of rice or birdseed following a wedding ceremony.

Pastor’s Services: Pastor’s services are to be scheduled directly with the Pastor. An honorarium is recommended for the Pastor’s services.

Sound System: The use of the sound system requires a trained sound system operator for all events. An honorarium is recommended for the operator’s time.

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