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Event Announcements

Chapel Communications Policy

Please read all sections before submitting your request

Below you will find some important information that you will need to know before you submit your announcement for an event at The Chapel.

Chapel events are typically announced for at least three Sundays. Promotion typically begins four weeks out from the event date. Therefore, we ask that you please submit your event details six weeks in advance of your event. Thank you!

weeks in advance

Promotional Tiers

Not every event will get the same level of promotion. There are five established categories, ranked here in order of priority:

  • A – Chapel Special Events: Big holidays or special events that are open to the congregation and the community, like VBS or Christmas Eve.
  • B – Chapel Events: Regular events in the life of our church for the congregation that are either hosted by The Chapel, like the church picnic, or one of our ministries, like Growth Group, Ignition, Flourish or Celebrate Recovery.
  • C – Specific Locations: Events that are hosted by only one campus, like a Halloween Outreach to Littlestown.
  • D – Parachurch Partners: Events we are hosting for outside ministries that we partner with, like OCC’s Packing Party.
  • E – Parachurch Opportunities: Events for outside ministries that we support, like a food drive for Ruth’s Harvest or New Hope.

All Chapel events in Tier A and Tier B have a right to all levels of promotion. More time will be allotted to each announcement based on its ranking in this system. An event in Tier A includes an open invitation to everyone in our local area, while one in Tier B may only include teenagers in our congregation. In this case, Tier A deserves the spotlight in the announcements. Tier B is important and should be included, but its allotted announcement time will be shorter.

Events that occur at only one campus in Tier C will not be promoted Chapel-wide, but will receive additional promotion at their location.

Some events for Parachurch Partners in Tier D may be promoted through our channels. This will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Chapel events will always take priority.

We do not promote the events of outside ministries that we support in Tier E.

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