growth groups

 Anastasia Rega

Singles Growth Group with Anastasia Rega

Saturdays @ 11:00 a.m.


CAMPUS: Hanover

LOCATION: We will be meeting at the True North Wellness Center’s Amazing Kids Club in Hanover.

DETAILS: While this is a group for singles, it’s not a group for just young singles. whether you are a student, career bound, divorced, a widow, or widower, you are welcome to join us to learn from each other and to offer whatever wisdom you’ve gained in life, however long or short.

TOPIC: Each week we’ll take the themes explored in the Sunday message and dig deeper using the Chapel’s Engage Scriptures guide. Together we’ll discuss what we see in these passages and how we can apply them to our lives.

I hope that this group will allow for each participant to do just that—participate. it’s so easy to become passive in life, in work, in church, etc. In this group, we will be intentional in the way we pull truths from sermons and apply them to our lives. I hope that we will learn how to be supports to each other, and to encourage each other to not give up when church and “regular” life seem to run parallel rather than intersect.