growth groups

Ben & Tiffany Lieb

Lieb Growth Group

Sundays @ 4:00 p.m.


CAMPUS: Hanover

LOCATION: We will be meeting at the Lieb’s home in Hanover.

DETAILS: This group is open to all ages, including families with children. All are welcome!

TOPIC: Join us for a 6-week video study called “Get Out of Your Head.” This journey tackles the impact of our thoughts and how they can hold us captive, offering a way to break free from negative thinking patterns with God’s power. Through exploring Philippians, we’ll learn to transform our emotions, outlook, and circumstances by taking control of our thoughts and allowing God’s promises and blessings to enrich our lives. We’ll wrap up the fall session with a Thanksgiving study, perfect for transitioning into the holiday season. Don’t miss this chance to grow and thrive together!