Sunday, September 11, 2022

Acts 17:16-34

When we’re motivated by the gospel, modeling Jesus’ selflessness and sharing His love with others becomes a priority in our lives.

Read Acts 17:16-21:
  1. Why was Paul’s heart disturbed by the cultural climate of Athens?
  2. Are the beliefs practiced in the culture around us similar to or different from what Paul encountered in Athens?
  3. Why is it significant that instead of preaching, Paul struck up casual conversations with those with whom he disagreed?
Read Acts 17:22-29:
  1. Why do you think Paul began his address to the Areopagus with a compliment?
  2. What truths did Paul communicate about the character of God?
  3. Which of Paul’s descriptions of God is most important?
Read Acts 17:30-34:
  1. Paul told the Athenians they were ignorant in their worship. Can we expect those who don’t know Christ to live up to a biblical standard? Why or why not?
  2. How does Jesus’ resurrection separate Christianity from all other religions?
  3. What responsibility do Christians have in light of the final judgment?
Taking it home:
  1. How can we know what in culture can be leveraged for God’s glory and what we just need to leave alone?
  2. What are some of the different groups with whom you interact regularly? How you can you be intentional about sharing the gospel with them this week?
Ways to Pray:
  • Adoration: Praise God for His superiority and preeminence over and against all other “gods.”
  • Contrition: Repent of any ways you’ve let cultural preferences block you from sharing the Gospel.
  • Thankfulness: Thank God for extending His mercy and grace to all nations, including ours.
  • Supplication: Pray for opportunities to have Gospel conversations with the people on your Oikos lists.
Other Scriptures to Engage with this week:
  • Acts 12:25-13:13
  • Ecclesiastes 10:8-20
  • Acts 15:22-41
  • Isaiah 54:9-17
  • Philemon 1
  • Psalm 31