Sunday, March 31, 2024

Galatians 5:16-26

Kids don’t understand many things. They learn some things just by watching and observing the world. But there are other things (like world history, science, math, etc.) that need to be described for them. In a similar way, we need the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s truth to us. We need God to shape us into the people He has called us to be.

Starting Out:
1. Have you ever felt led by the Holy Spirit to take or refrain from a specific action?

Read Galatians 5:16-21:
2. Why does Paul classify evil desires as “desires of the flesh”? Does he mean that our physical bodies are themselves evil?
3. What determines whether we follow the desires of the flesh or those of the Spirit? Is it a matter of which desire if most strongly felt, or does a person have to consciously choose one or the other?
4. Why do you think Paul listed the specific sins he did in verses 19-21? Which category seems most prevalent in our culture?
5. Is Paul saying in verse 21 that a person can sin their way out of God’s grace?

Read Galatians 5:22-26:
6. How does the fruit of the Spirit in verses 22-26 compare with the “vegetables of the flesh” listed in verses 19-21?
7. The fruit of the Spirit is a list of virtuous attitudes, not specific actions. What does this tell us about what it means to walk by the Spirit?
8. Why does Paul mention that there is no law against exhibiting the fruit of the Spirit?
9. What do you think the difference between living by the Spirit, and keeping in step with the Spirit is?

Taking it Home:
10. Look at the fruits of the Spirit and think of the people in your life who best exemplify each one. Feel free to share any particularly meaningful examples with the group.
11. Have you ever been confronted by someone about an attitude or behavior that pointed to you being out of step with the Spirit? How did you take that criticism/exhortation?
12. What is an activity or event in the next few weeks for which you need to consciously choose to walk by the Spirit? Which fruit(s) of the Spirit will be most helpful to you in that situation?

Other Scriptures to engage with this week:
Romans 8:1-17, Psalm 51, Micah 6:1-8