Sunday, March 28, 2021

Luke 22:7-30

This Week’s Main Idea:

Jesus’ last supper with His disciples signified His role as the Passover Lamb.


Why do you think meals are so often a part of our celebrations in life? What’s the most memorable meal you have ever been a part of? What made it so special?


Meals are often more than just meals. They signify relationship and community with others. They celebrate victories and can comfort us on difficult days. These moments at the table communicate something and connect us to one another in a way that other activities do not. On the night before Jesus’ death, He chose to explain the significance of His suffering with a meal.

The Passover meal served as a reminder of God’s deliverance, love, and power. That deliverance, love, and power came at great cost—when God delivered His people out of Egypt, every firstborn person and animal in Egypt died. There wasn’t a house without someone dead, except for the homes of the Hebrews whom God passed over and then rescued (cf. Exodus 12:24-28). What Jesus’ disciples didn’t yet understand about this particular Passover meal, though, was the greater meaning that He was about to explain and then fulfill by His death on the cross.

Read Luke 22:7-13.

1. What is significant about Jesus’ suffering and death occurring around the time of Passover?

Read Luke 22:14-20.

2. What new significance did Jesus give to the bread?

3. What new significance did He give to the cup?

4. As the disciples observed and listened to Jesus at the first Lord’s Supper, what do you think might have been going through their minds? How much do you think they understood when Jesus spoke about His body and blood?

Read Luke 22:21-30.

5. Why would it have been hard for the disciples to grasp the kingdom of God fully? Why is it hard for us?

6. In what areas of your life do you easily see God’s kingdom at work? Where would you like to see Him more?

Taking it Home:

7. What traditions or events do you observe to remind you of God’s work in your life?

8. In what ways can you seek to remember significant things God has done?

9. What are some reasons the Lord’s Supper loses its significance in a church?

Suggested prayer request: 

Thank you, Jesus, for Your service and sacrifice to pay the consequence for our sins. Thank you that we can remember Your sacrifice together as the body of Christ through the practice of the Lord’s Supper. Continue to work in our church so that You will be glorified.

Other Scriptures to Engage with this week:

Exodus 12:21-29; Number 9:5-14; Leviticus 17:10-14; 2 Chronicles 30:13-27; Genesis 22:1-14; Revelation 5.