Sunday, March 27, 2022

Genesis 39

God’s blessing was upon Joseph. Although Joseph’s story began with his brothers’ rejection and betrayal, here his purchase by Potiphar—Pharoah’s captain of the guard—led to Joseph’s success. The Lord made everything Joseph did prosper. Because of his continued favor with Potiphar, he was given great authority, to the point that all Potiphar owned was under Joseph’s care.

Read Genesis 39:1-6:
  1. What do you think Joseph’s attitude and work must have been like for Potiphar to see that “the Lord was with Him” (v. 2)?
  2. Joseph easily could have carried out his role with resentment or bitterness toward his circumstances. If he’s done that, how would Potiphar likely have regarded Joseph?
  3. How did Joseph’s attitude and trustworthiness reflect on God? What would a negative mindset and work ethic have done?
Read Genesis 39:7-12:
  1. In what ways did Joseph’s acknowledgement gratitude for Potiphar’s trust affect his response to the invitation of Potiphar’s wife?
  2. How do you think Joseph kept these events from making him bitter?
  3. Why might Joseph have been tempted to believe God had abandoned him and cease to be obedient to Him?
Read Genesis 39:13-23:
  1. What qualities of Joseph’s attitude and character may have led the prison warden to trust him with the same authority Potiphar did?
  2. How might Joseph have differed from other prisoners in the warden’s view?
  3. We read that the Lord “extended kindness” to Joseph while in prison (v. 21). What generally comes to mind when we think of God’s kindness?
Taking it home:
  1. How could God be working in difficult circumstances to make your own efforts successful for the purpose of showing He is with you?
  2. Do we consider trials or suffering as isolated from God’s kindness? Could they ever be an extension of it in ways we cannot see or understand?
Other Scriptures to Engage with this week:

Psalm 105:16-25 • Genesis 45:1-20 • Psalm 49 • Isaiah 35 • Psalm 10 • Genesis 50:15-26.