Sunday, June 9, 2024

Luke 18:1-8

Jesus’ teaching in the opening verses of Luke 18 was on the vitality of persistent prayer in the life of the believer. In talking with His disciples and with the Pharisees, Jesus showed the nature and power of faith and persistence in asking God for the needs of life.

Starting Out:
1. When is the most persistently you have ever prayed for something? Were you confident in what you were praying for?

Read Luke 18:1-5:
2. What did Jesus say is the point of this parable? What is your main take-away from this parable?
3. What characteristics of God encourage persistent prayer?
4. What does persistent prayer say about the nature of the Christian who prays? Why does God want us to pray with persistence when He already knows our concerns?
5. Discuss reasons believers may become discouraged when God doesn’t answer their prayer in what they consider a timely manner.

Read Luke 18:6-8:
6. As you listen to Jesus’ words in verses 6-8, what surprises you? Why?
7. What does Jesus say about the character of God? What does He say about His disciples? How does what Jesus said encourage faith?

Taking it Home:
8. What does the widow teach us about being confident in our prayers? How does this example help us understand what God values and expects from His disciples?
9. What does it mean to lose heart? What tempts Christians to lose heart? What tempts you to lose heart?
10. In what ways does persistence in prayer demonstrate the expectation of fulfillment?
11. How is God like and unlike the judge in this parable?
12. What does God expect of His people when the Son of Man returns to earth, according to verse 8? How is this connected to prayer?
13. What does this parable have to do with the “now” and “not yet” nature of the kingdom of God?

Other Scriptures to engage with this week:
Psalm 146, Hebrews 12:1-17, James 1:1-18