Sunday, June 30, 2024

Acts 4:1-20

While we all have days when we feel “ordinary,” the truth is that doesn’t matter. God has created us in His image, and through His work in our lives we are able to do extraordinary things for the sake of His glory, just like Peter and John did in Acts 4.

1. What’s the most out of the ordinary thing about yourself, or the most out of the ordinary thing that has happened to you, that most people may not know about?

Read Acts 4:1-7:
2. What were the reasons for the opposition of the Sadducees to Peter’s healing and sermon from Acts 3?
3. Look back at Acts 3:1-10. When is the last time you were approached by someone soliciting for money? How did you respond to the person?
4. What does Peter’s response to the beggar reveal about his belief in God? What about God’s ability to work through him?
5. Peter and John landed in jail because of their testimony about Jesus following that healing. Why does sharing the gospel of Jesus provoke people to oppose the message and the messengers?

Read Acts 4:8-12:
6. What motivated Peter to again share the gospel of Jesus with the religious leaders? What is the main point of his testimony in these verses?
7. What is the meaning of verse 12? Why would this be considered a bold statement today? When have you experienced or witnessed push back to this truth?

Read Acts 4:13-20:
8. What do you think was the source of Peter and John’s courage? What did the crowd notice about Peter and John?
9. What does the fact that the men seemed so “ordinary” communicate about the work of God? In what ways can this encourage us in our relationship with God?
10. Read verses 18-20 again. How did the religious leaders’ response affect Peter and John? What implication does their example have on our witness?

Taking it Home:
11. How would you spend your time differently if you truly believed God wants to work through you in extraordinary ways? What would you change about your priorities? What is the very next thing you would do?
12. How can you make your prayer life an instrument toward “going”?
13. Do your actions reflect the belief that Christ is the only way of salvation? Are you constantly and urgently going and sharing your faith in words and deeds?
14. Of the following actions of response, which are you willing to take this week: pray for opportunities, invite people to church, intentionally look for opportunities, or be prepared to speak when the opportunity arises?

Other Scriptures to engage with this week:
Psalm 86, Romans 8