Sunday, June 2, 2024

John 20:12-23

Jesus was dead. As much as His followers did not want to believe it, they had seen His body buried. Everything they had given their lives to for the last three years was seemingly done. They must have felt that they had been failed and that they were failures themselves. Today, we will look at the aftermath of Jesus’ death and the response of His followers. More importantly, we will see Jesus’ response to them in their failure. This changed everything for them—and this applies to our lives now as we face our own failures.

Starting Out:
1. Has there been a time where you believed you were failing but were saved from failure by something outside of your control or by the actions of another? How did you respond to this unexpected change?

Read John 20:12-18:
2. How had Mary failed Jesus in the beginning of this passage? How do her actions show she had failed to remember and believe the words of Jesus?
3. None of us believe the truth about Jesus always and perfectly. How have you responded like Mary when faced with the truth about Jesus?
4. Though Mary did not immediately recognize Jesus, how did He respond to her failure to remember His promises to her?
5. How does Jesus’ response to Mary remind you of God’s response to the failure of Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:9? What does this tell us about God’s response to His people in moments of failure?

Read John 20:19-23:
6. How had the disciples failed Jesus? What evidence is there in verse 19 that the disciples had abandoned their hope in Jesus as well?
7. Jesus responded to the failure of the disciples with a reminder of who He was. Seeing Jesus and feeling His wounds brought the disciples much joy. How has being reminded of the gospel brought you joy in past failures?

Taking it Home:
8. Do you have current or past failures that you need to submit to God? How does this passage encourage you to admit your failures before Him? What does today’s text tell you about how He will respond?
9. Realizing how Jesus has responded to your failures, how does this enable you to respond to the failures of those around you?
10. The gospel is the ultimate response of grace to the failure of mankind. Who do you know that has faced failure and needs to hear the response of the gospel? How will you pursue that person this week?

Other Scriptures to engage with this week:
Psalm 51, Joshua 7, John 21:15-19