Sunday, July 7, 2024

Genesis 3:1-24

Each of us has a relationship with God that is distinct from all other created things. Though sin has marred the image of God in human life, we continue to recognize life, from beginning to end, as a precious gift from a God who loves us. From the unborn baby to the most elderly adult, human life is a good gift from God that the gospel compels us to defend.

Starting Out:
1. How does the gospel compel action related to issues of human life?

Read Genesis 1:1, 21-30:
2. What are the spiritual and practical implications of saying God is the Creator of all life?
3. Instead of saying things like “let the earth” and “let the waters,” what did God say when creating humankind? Instead of speaking to creation, to whom was He speaking? Why does this matter?
4. What likeness do men and women uniquely share with God? What does it mean that we are made in the image of God?
5. How were man and women set apart with a distinct position among the created order? What did God declare at the end of the sixth day?

Read Genesis 3:1-24:
6. David mentioned that Genesis 3:1 is the first question in the Bible. Why is this significant?
7. Read Romans 6:23. How does Paul use the word “wage” in this verse? What are the consequences of sin?
8. How did sin affect Adam’s relationship with God? With Eve? With creation? How have you seen these relationships corrupted in your own life?
9. Re-read Genesis 3:15. Where do we see the gospel in these verses? How did God plan to use a human to redeem all humans?

Taking it Home:
10. How is the view of human life we talked about today different from the popular cultural views of human life? What makes a Christian view of human life counter cultural?
11. Virtually no one you encounter is likely to agree with or by sympathetic towards human slavery, while many will have more lenient, accepting, or affirming view points on topics like abortion and pornography. Why must we oppose all three no matter how our culture regards them? How can you consistently affirm the value of human life?
12. Practically, how can you consistently affirm the value of human life in all your choices?

Other Scriptures to engage with this week:
Psalm 19, Jonah 5, Exodus 34:1-9