Sunday, April 14, 2024

Matthew 10:16-33

As Jesus looked ahead to persecution he knew he must face, he warns his disciples of what is coming for them, what they should do when persecuted, and how God will provide for them when it happens.

Read Matthew 10:16-25:
1. What was Jesus communicating through his use of animal metaphors in verse 16?
2. What examples in the New Testament can you list of the Holy Spirit speaking through people?
3. Is Jesus teaching salvation through works in verse 22?
4. Jesus calls for retreat in the face of persecution instead of standing up to it in verse 23. Why might this the best strategy?
5. Jesus uses a greater-to-lesser argument in verses 24-25. How would you articulate this in your own words?

Read Matthew 10:26-33:
6. What are some parallel ideas in verses 26 and 27? In light of this, why should the disciples not be afraid of persecutors?
7. Is Jesus saying our bodies are not important in verse 28?
8. What might the proper fear of the Lord look like for a believer who faces persecution versus a believe who does not face persecution?
9. Verses 29-31 contain a lesser-to-greater argument. How does this argument contrast with the greater-to-lesser argument in verses 24-25?

Taking it Home:
10. What about this passage is encouraging to you? What (if anything) did you find alarming?
11. What are you most afraid of? How might verses 26-33 apply to your patterns of fear?

Other Scriptures to engage with this week:
Acts 7,9, John 15:18-26, Psalm 33